The SETF Mission

Our mission is to inform and educate all members of the southeast Chicagoland community, including residents, businesses, and leaders, in areas related to the improvement of our neighborhood’s environment. We strive for sustainable development of residential facilities, environmentally friendly and green business practices, and preservation of natural areas that improve the quality of life in the Calumet region.

The SETF Vision

We believe that southeast Chicagoland will one day serve as a national and international model for the integration of industrial, residential and natural areas into a productive, green, and environmentally sustainable urban community.

The SETF Values

The statements below are used by the leaders of the Task Force to guide our actions. They are the basic elements of how we go about our programming and decision making process.

  • We exist to improve the environmental health of the Calumet region
  • Our actions locally have a broader impact
  • Be in partnership with all members of the community
  • Embrace environmental justice
  • We value accountability
  • We value sustainable growth


Pollution Prevention

SETF has a vision that every Calumet region facility will utilize the most energy efficient processes, generate the least possible pollution and waste, and hire local residents, making the region a model of clean industry for the nation and world to emulate.

To achieve this ambitious vision, our pollution prevention program, colloquially known as “P2” is implemented in part through our Good Neighbor Dialog and our Watchdog Program. By forming working relationships with industry and maintaining active dialog among all Calumet area stakeholders, we can more effectively promote P2 opportunities.


Environmental Justice Principles

We have adopted a set of Environmental Justice Principles, which you can visit here.


Core Programing

  • Environmental Education
    • Tours
    • Monthly workshops and activities
  • Pollution Prevention
    • Watchdog
    • Advocacy
  • Open Space Preservation
    • Green Economic Industrial Corridor
    • C.A.R.E.