Volunteering with SETF helps us to fulfill our mission to preserve, protect, and restore the natural resources in the Southeast Side of Chicago, the Calumet industrial Corridor and the Lake Michigan Watershed for an enhanced quality of life.

  • Action Alert Response Team
    • At times we need help calling public officials about legislation or other efforts that may impact the region.
  • Event Volunteers
    • We always need volunteers before and after our events.
  • Waterway Helpers
    • SETF is of deeply involved in the waterways that flow into Lake Michigan.
  • Monitoring and Restoring Natural Areas
    • At times SETF gets involved in monitoring and restoring our natural area.
  • Recruiting New Members
    • SETF success is only due to the involvement of its members and donors.
  • Mailings
    • SETF can always use help with several mailings each year.


To become a SETF Volunteer, fill out a volunteer form below about your interests and availability. Upon completion, you will be contacted when upcoming volunteer opportunities become available.

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