WE ARE READY TO TEST THE EnviroReport App. There are different pollutants emitted into the air, water, and soil in our community from the different industrial companies which are operating in our community. Because of this, we have partnered with researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago to assist the Southeast Environmental Task Force in developing something that would help community members track and report the different environmental hazards they see, hear or smell in the community. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago are working to build and test a phone (iPhone and Android) and web-based application (App) that will give community members the ability to record and share time-stamped and geocoded pollution observations using their telephones and computers. App users will have the option of reporting their observation to the Chicago Department of Public Health or Illinois Environmental Protection Agency if they choose to do so. The Southeast Environmental Task Force is looking for 25 community residents who are over 18 years of age and from; The Eastside, Hegewisch, Jeffery Manor, South Chicago, South Deering, and Vets Park. You must have a smartphone or computer and would be willing to provide feedback after using the App. Participation will involve downloading the App on your phone or accessing it on your computer. The App will be used to document hazards that you see, hear or smell during 4 to 5 hours across a two-week period. Then you will fill out a 25-minute feedback survey and participate in an in-person meeting to discuss your experiences using the App. Discuss your preferences; what you may have liked or disliked when using the App. Your participation and the information you provide in your evaluation will help to ensure the App meets the needs of the community members. If you are interested please contact Anna Johnson at The Southeast Environmental Task Force, (773) 646-0436; or email Anna Johnson, at ajay722@yahoo.com