Climate Change

A note from Senator Jeff Merkly of Oregon is worth noting:

When asked for their thoughts on climate change, a popular line for the other side – including some Presidential hopefuls – is this: “I’m not a scientist.”
I’m not a chemist, but I believe that H2= water.
I’m not a physicist, but I’m sold on gravity.
I’m not a cartographer, but I’m pretty sure the earth isn’t flat.
And I’m not a climate scientist, but the scientists have made it clear that climate change is a real and present threat to all of us.
Carbon in the atmosphere is up dramatically.  The oceans are far more acidic. And average temperatures are jumping.  These are facts.
We can have a debate about how we address climate change, but the time for debate on whether it’s happening is long, long past. Climate change denial is simply irresponsible.  The economic and environmental impacts are already falling heavily on certain communities and it puts future generations everywhere at risk.
America is ready for bold action that starts saving our planet and our future. Anyone running for office – from President on down – would be wise to remember that.

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