Community Members of South East Chicago
South East Chicago has a wide variety of people coming from different backgrounds. When it comes to knowing the community, one of the best ways to learn more is to know its residents. In March we asked several individuals what are their thoughts on the community and what they would like to be changed.

The questions that were asked were

What do you like most about your community?
If you could change one thing about Hegewisch, what would it be?
How much time do you normally spend outdoors?
What’s your favorite outdoors spot in Hegewisch?
Do you have any concerns regarding the environment within the community?
Do you believe you live in a safe healthy community?
What do you think makes a community healthy or unhealthy?
If you were a political representative of your community what would you do differently?(law, policy)
Are you aware of the petcoke issue?
If yes:
How do you think it has affected your community?
What do you think should be done?
Throughout the visits we were able to also get photographs of two very kind women along with their input on the community.

What do you like about your community?
“That we can walk safely around the neighborhoods.”
Juanita here works for a local dentist office and was very aware of the environmental issues that are occurring within the area. She told us personal stories of how the environment is causing respiratory problems for friends and relatives.

If you could change one thing about Hegewisch, what would it be?
“Wish it was nicer”
Frannie was an employee at a local Pete’s Fresh Market that was happy to give her input on the area. She would like for it to be safer for her children to come out and play. Often she feels she should keep her children inside because she does not feel the area is clean enough for her kids to play.

These were two individuals of the community that were very cooperative giving their honest opinion on the area. They both were residents of South East Chicago and would like for it to be cleaner and safer for its members. This was insightful as we now have recommendations from actual community members, and can use these in consideration for any major decision-making in the future. 

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