Earth Day Lake Calumet Hike
Twenty-five participants (along with 1 reporter & 2 Port District personnel) attended this “inside the fence” Lake Calumet Earth Day Hike from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm on Monday (22 April 2013). We met at the Harborside Golf Course parking lot, and then we visited both the east & west shores of Lake Calumet.

Quite a few birders & photographers were along for the trip, and we tallied 44 bird species. Most notable were at least 33 AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS (1 flock of 18, 1 flock of 15) circling over the Harborside parking lot upon our arrival. We also had great views of the active Lake Calumet BALD EAGLE nest from both the east & west shores. Other raptors included 1 NORTHERN HARRIER & 1 RED-TAILED HAWK (with a snake in its mouth) seen from the Harborside parking lot, and 4 TURKEY VULTURES at nearby US Bank.

At least 11 waterfowl species were seen, including 9 duck species. Other than large numbers of SONG SPARROWS and a single FIELD SPARROW few notable passerine migrants were observed. Two EASTERN MEADOWLARKS were heard singing on the property. As the trip was ending, a few observers spotted a pair of OSPREYS in flight (one carrying a large fish) from the Harborside lot. One of the Ospreys was being harassed by a Red-tailed Hawk. Interesting way to end the trip!
–Walter Marcisz


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