CSU Intern, Tiffany, Joins SETF on T2T Tour

On Saturday 3/16 I went a on a CIMBY Tour called Toxics to Treasures. There were two busloads of kids one lead by Rod Sellers and the other by Tom Shepherd. There were students from various high schools that attended. We began the tour at Wolf Lake where Tom and I discussed the Nike Missile and some important facts about the lake and the industrial aspect of the lake and why this was considered to be an important area in the Southeast Region. We then rode the bus around the landfills, the old factories, Harborside Golf Course and the marshes. Along the way we witnessed industry and nature co-existing in a very peculiar way. It was a very unique sight to experience. We were surprised to see a barge that just arrived from New Orleans carrying benzene and two swans swimming alongside each other in the marshland. The students were very bright and inquisitive kids that were a joy to be around. After the tour the kids headed over to the library for an activity. Despite the cold weather it was a very enjoyable day and an amazing experience.


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