Hard to Believe It’s December 2nd

Perhaps Sunday wasn’t unseasonably warm after all, but rather what the weather has in store for us from now on.  Who would have thought it was December 2nd the way the thermometer was  climbing into the lower 60’s.  That kind of temperature called for time out of doors in the form of an excursion to Calumet Park.  An opportunity to stroll along the lake with my grand-daughter in tow. 

Few Chicagoans get to experience the lake the way we do on the Southeast side.  While every square inch of lakefront seems to be occupied up North, it’s not true down here.  After “beach” season, the park is all but vacant.  You can ride your bike, jog or take a stroll without having to dodge between other pedestrians.  It’s the prefect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and at this time of the year, the holiday season too. 

“Here a goose, there a goose, every where a goose goose.”
I was surprised they  let me get this close.
Brown fallen leaves against grass that was
 still very green.
State Line Power Plant closed, but still  rather imposing.
Looking across the misty water at the beach.
Due to the low level of the lake, a part of the bottom I have
never, ever seen exposed.
How low can it go???
Like age rings on a tree, so telling are the worn
 lines along pier’s pylons.
Enjoying the fall-winter-spring like air.

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