Climate Change: The Earth Calls to Us

Though the the temperature was pleasant last Sunday, the day was grey and drab, perfect for an indoor event.  Richard Treptow, our speaker on Climate Change, arrived early to make introductions and chat.  Living in Richton Park, he came quite a way, demonstrating his belief in sounding the alarm about Climate Change.  As  a professor ermiratus of Chicago State University, Richard’s delivery was much like a classroom instructor’s, designed to keep his audience engaged.  Using a PowerPoint Presentation filled with photos and charts, he easily made his point. 

Members grab snacks before settling in for the presentation.

Richard Treptow starting his presentation.

Members continue to discuss the presentation.

Sharon Rolek shares her opinion with Gerry Dagenais while Cliff Joseph listens in the background.

Multiple conversationscontinuted to fill the room.  I’m pictured here trying to answer questions posed by Nancy Thompson.

Richard wraps things up before it gets too late.

Cliff and Ann share an easy conversation before leaving to catch the bus.

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