Couldn’t Have Asked for a Lovelier Evening

Last Saturday, SETF went unplugged for the evening and invited our members to join us. We met at Calumet Park by the boat dock for an evening of relaxation and conversation. Sitting around the fire, in the peacefulness of the evening, with only the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze, and the waves lapping the shore  it was easy to forget we were in the city. The huge harvest moon suspended over the lake was a sight to see.  It’s a little known secret that Calumet Park is all but empty at this time of the year and unlike the congested north side lakefront, a joy to be at.

Sipping warm drinks and snacking on goodies, the group engaged in easy conversation, sharing humorous stories and commenting on our state of affairs.  As the evening wore on, and the temperature dipped a  more, we huddled closer to the fire.  Originally scheduled to end at 9:00 PM ( the assumption being that people would not be able to survive longer without access to their cell phones) we ended up extending  the time until 11:30 PM when the appearance of a police car made it clear it was time to pack up and go.

SETF thanks everyone who came out.  And we hope to accommodate requests to do it again.

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