By Popular Request

SETF had T-shirts printed commemorating our successful campaign to stop the Chicago Police Department from building an outdoor firing range adjacent to the Whitford and O’Brien Ponds.  The design was a collaborative effort with original art work taken from a paper cutting done by Susan Degrane, a member of our organization and a quote from Carolyn Marsh, another SETF member.  Printed originally for our Board Members to wear at our September fundraiser, we decided to sell the remainder once we discovered people were interested in purchasing them.  Find below a picture of the T-shirt that comes in men’s medium or large.

If you would like to purchase one of our very cool T-shirts, you may not want to hesitate as we only  only 6 left.

You can purchase a T-shirt one of two ways: by using the handy PayPal feature provided or by stopping by our office.

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