Do They Mean It?

This past Friday, Governor Quinn exercised his veto power on the bill that would have forced natural gas facilities to purchase synthetic gas from the Leucadia coal gasification facility.  The General Assembly’s bill locked utilities into purchasing the syn-gas at prices double the current market rate for the next 30 years. 

Quinn pointed out in his explanation for the veto that things had changed since he signed the original authorization bill into law.  In addition, the project faced stiff oppositon from an array of business, environmental (the Task Force being one), and consumer groups.

Though the veto was a serious blow to the project, SETF is not so sure that the project is dead.  A statement on Chicago Clean Energy’s internet site would lead us to believe different however.  It clearly states that Leucadia plans to move on to their other projects in the country.  Fact or threat? 
Read their statement and decide for yourself here: