Southeast Enviornmental Task Force Rallies with EJ Alliance

Hi again from John. I was with the taskforce again on Tuesday July 10th for a rally to veto the Leucadia Bill. SETF was there to deliver over 11 thousand petitions from the residents of the Southeast Side to Governor Quinn’s representatives at the Thompson Center. Leucadia’s Coal Gasification Plant plans are being touted as “clean coal” but residents of the Calumet Region know firsthand that coal is a dirty business. Coal Gasification takes coal and a petroleum coke (a byproduct of oil refineries) and combines them under extreme pressure and temperatures to create synthetic natural gas. Hauling and storage of the raw materials produces particulates linked to Asthma rates and other health problems, not to mention soil quality and wildlife issues. The Southeast Side is the home to numerous protected and endangered bird species that make their nesting and migratory homes there, including a pair of bald eagles. Adding another dirty industry to the region would only compound the scarring. Leucadia wants the state to legislate the utility companies to buy their syngas at a fixed price for 30 years and force the consumer to use this product without even the option of using traditional natural gas.  They also want consumers and taxpayers to fund the almost $4 billion needed to build the plant.
John Rossi
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