After thirty years, we are still saying, “NO DUMPS, NO DEALS”

After 30 years of organized opposition to landfilling on the Southside, we are once again faced with the threat.  On April 26, 100 people gathered at the community meeting sponsored by the Environmental Justice Alliance of Greater Southeast Chicago to hear about the attempt to continue landfilling in South Chicago.  SETF presented historical information about landfilling and all of the opposition that led to the current 20 Year Moratorium.  Alderman Pope provided facts about Alderman Beale’s proposal to lift the Moratorium after which  Rick Taylor of the City’s Legal Department provided details about Land and Lake’s current law suit to disconnect from the City of Chicago in order to continue landfilling on their property.  Caty Bautista wrapped up the meeting with a request for the audience to have 5 postcards filled out by family and friends to let our City Council know that we oppose landfilling on the Southside.

You can read about the meeting here:


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