Touring Regency Technologies

Recently, SETF joined Alderman John Pope for a tour of Regency Electronics located at 116th and Burley Avenue.  Regency recycles electronic equipment and appliances, disassembling them into pieces that can be shredded or processed for recycling.  The company is under the umbrella of the larger Reserve Management Group that has another adjacent site that processes scrap metal in addition to multiple sites throughout the country. 

After meeting with the management people in the office trailer, we donned hard hats and headed for the large warehouse were the recycling of the collected items is done.  The warehouse was once part of LTV Steel and housed hundreds of workers.  Today, as Regency recyclers, it houses fewer than 100 employees, most of which are temporary. 

The warehouse was bustling with activity as workers disassembled, collected, moved, and shredded tons of discarded electronics and appliances.  The huge warehouse was full from one end to the other.  Forklifts zipped back and forth moving boxes of pieces and parts. A dozen or so employees stood huddled together at tables, dismantling items and tossing the parts into appropriate bins.   Julius Hess of Regency explained that the process was very labor intensive.

Recycling products that has been broken down is just one arm of their business – they also refurbish and resell any computer or IT equipment that is worth selvaging.

For more information about Regency Technologies, visit their website at: http://www.regencytechnologies.com/
To purchase refurbished equipment, go to their ebay store here: http://stores.ebay.com/Regency-Technologies-Store?_lns=2&_sid=25639494&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322

Alderman Pope looks on as Jeff Corse explains the process.
A football field of discarded electronics.
Old appliances waiting to be disassembled.
Nothing is wasted as all pieces are classified by material content.
More appliences.
Imagine how many hardrives equal a ton!

Selvaging usable parts takes more skill and carefull handling.

Miles and miles of power cords.
Workers are busy as bees dismantling equipment.
The noisy, imposing  shredder capable of handling almost any material.
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