Kitchen Beauty

On Friday, February 17th, the Task Force hosted one of it’s more popular workshops.  Our “Natural Beauty” workshop emphasizes the importance of using fewer chemicals in the name of beauty, and instead substituting everyday “good for you ” ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. The ingredients cost only pennies and do the job.  Things like cornmeal, lemons, vegetable oil, sea salt, and cocoa can be whisked together to make facial masks, moisturizers, refreshing body soaks and scrubs.

Ending a busy week with a workshop where you get to mix things up, make a mess, get a free facial message and a sip of sangria made from left over lemons and oranges, is high on our members priority list.  In fact, this workshop is so much fun, we might have to offer it twice a year!

Linda Cook, Board member, demonstrates how to mix one of the recipes.

Sharon Rolek, Rose Martinez and Sylvia Villicana are busy mixing and stirring their potions.

Sylvia assesses the mess.

Julia readies herself for her facial message.

Linda Ruxton is “pleased as punch” with her scrub.

Sylvia is just as pleased a Linda.


Sea kelp and cocoa – who would have thought!

Waiting for the magic to begin.


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