We had the perfect winter day for our “Winter Walk”.  There was a sprinkling of snow, and the temperature was in the low 30’s, made even lower by the wind chill factor.  Linda Ruxton, John Pastrik, and Kevin Kuhn, our volunteer guides, met the adults and children at the Egger’s Grove parking lot.  John and Kevin had already put in early hours doing stewardship work along with students from Washington High School at the site.  After all had arrived, they started the hike, following the main path into the woods.  John led the group pointing out tree types, sharing facts and his brand of humor.  The children ( 4 little girls) walked, ran, and pranced along while the adults listened to John and chatted.  After the 1/2 mile hike was over, the group warmed up around a fire made from brush that had been cut earlier.  Tossing twigs into the fire kept the girls entertained even longer.  The event ended, when one of the little girls stepped on an ice covered puddle and broke through.  She was too wet to stay out in the cold.

 Introducing children to the woods and the fun that is to be had outdoors the purpose of our event – judging from the fun that was had by all, it were successful.

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