Adding insult to injury…

In addition to firing ranges, coal gasification plants, cement kilns, wetland fill-ins and delayed construction on the promised Calumet Environmental Center, Alderman Beale of the 9th Ward recently proposed an ordiance to lift the current 20 year Landfill Moratorium that isn’t even halfway through it’s life span.  If the moratorium is lifted the impact will be most strongly felt on the southeast side.  Land and Lakes will surely expand it’s current Dolton operation to fill in the gap between it’s two landfills that straddle the city limits. Waste Management could  decide to re-open or expand it’s landfills that are across the river from Hegewisch Marsh.

If this happens, the residents of Altgeld Gardens and Golden Gate, who are constituents of Alderman Beale, will be sandwiched between the stench of the MWRD treatment plant and the newly operational landfills.  Hegewisch Marsh could also be affected by odors, dust, and unsightly garbage.

We find it interesting that while parts of the city move forward with  roof-top gardens, curb side reycling,  green operating industries and other 21st Century initiatives, we get pulled backward into the previous century with dirty industry, landfilling,  diesel trucking, and a lot of promises.

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