Our Last Tour of the Season

It was the last tour of the season, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect fall day. Our tour focused on energy production in the Calumet Region for as far back as the 1800’s, when Standard Oil located it’s kerosene refinery in Whiting Indiana, energy has been produced in our area.  Today, within a 10 mile radius, we have the Stateline Power Plant, the much expanded BP Refinery, the Excelon Peaker plant, the  methane producing landfills and the Excelon Solar Farm.  Our Toxics to Treasures tour offered the opportunity to see these industries up close. 

Tom Shepherd of the Task Force begins the tour with little tidbits of information about the local culture.

Miles of pipes, pungent odors, steely structures, and burning flares signify the BP Refinery.

Unsuspecting paddlers in Lake Michigan near the BP Refinery.  Expansion project for tar sands evident by crane in the background.

Proposed site of Coal Gasification Plant.  Stack from old coke plant can be seen.

Site of Excelon Solar Farm.  Sign indicated native and sustainable landscaping.

The group disembark  from trolley to get a closer look at the solar farm and to compare sights, smells and sounds to older industries.

Participants pose for group shot.