Jingle Bell Recyclables

Scissors snipping, scraps flying and creative juices flowing, so went our ever popular “Holiday Crafting With Recyclables” workshop.  This year’s project included made over Altoid tins, Olde English Crackers, Christmas Card pendants, and Glittered Snowflake Ornaments.  NO project is too difficult, and even the uncraftiest of people enjoy this workhop.  The purpose of which is twofold: firstly, to demonstrate how items can be reused or have their life extended before tossing them out and secondly, to show how money can be saved  for the holiday. 

Christmas music playing in the background to set the mood, participants quietly focused on their projects, speaking only to compare designs or ask questions.  The easiest and most interesting project proved to be the English Crackers made from toilet paper rolls covered in scraps of Christmas wrap, filled with candy and made to pop when opened.

 Linda Ruxton, a member of SETF, carefully designed, wrapped and tied her Cracker only to discover after she was done that she had left the candy out! 

Joe Mulac,  a resident of the Vet’s Park Neighborhood, carefully cut and glittered his snowflake ornament with a ton of glue.

Young Maya Bansett carefully selected the perfect Christmas card for her pendant for when it was completed all agreed it was one of the most stunning.

Beatriz Diaz, our intern brought friends and family who by all appearances had a good time and did a great job.

The two hours we allotted for the workshop flew by.  After enjoying hot chocolate and cookies, the group cleaned up and was eager to display their works of art. 

It’s time to start searching for next years ideas – we never want to have to duplicate projects.

Linda Cook, SETF Board Member , shares some basic intructions.

Everyone was so focused.

The challenge was to express your individuality.

Limited materials made the projects that much more challenging.

Some were more precise than others.

A great way to spend a Friday evening.

Making suggestions.

The group proudly displays their end products.

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