Trees R Beautiful Awarded Mini Grant

Trees R Beautiful received a “mini-grant” from the  program sponsored by the Fuller Park Community Development and Openlands and that is funded by the USDA Forest Service.  The money will be used to purchase trees to plant throughout South Chicago, the Eastside and Hegewisch neighorhoods.  Trees can only be planted on public property or parkways.  The group has enthusiatically submitted their tree order and will be receiving them shortly.

If you would like to have a tree planted in your parkway or if you have questions about tree care, contact project manager Daniel Estrada at 773-375-5397. Alternatively, you can look online at https://www.lawncare.net/ and see what they can offer you for tree care and gardening tips.

Would you like to know more about Trees R Beautiful? Watch this short video produced by Zoe Jennings, a student from Northwestern.

10 Years: Trees In Chicago from Zoe Jennings on Vimeo.

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