Back to Nature
Last Friday, things were looking “pretty” at the Task Force office.  Nine eager women showed up for our “Naturally You” pampering workshop.  It was the perfect project for a cold, wintry evening.  The purpose of the workshop was to demonstrate healthy ways in which to pamper oneself with beauty treatments that didn’t contain manufactured chemicals or cost much. 

We gathered everyday items found on most kitchen shelves and made beauty concoctions that not only worked, but in some cases were good enough to eat.  With each recipe made, we explained the why and how of each ingredient.  Things like natural yogurt, sugar, golden honey, and lemon rind were turned into gooey  substances to slather on.  The women cheerfully measured and mixed their way to beauty.  At the end, all commented on how much fun they had and how much they had learned.  They left our office content with their baby food jars full of  sugar scrub and bath salts to continue their beautification process at home.

Relaxing facial message.

Looking pleased as punch.

Using a little elbow grease to mix up the bath salts.

Sugar scrub or ice tea mix?

Sticky fun!

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