Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About the Food Industry…

 I don’t know if the lousy weather we had on Saturday helped or hindered our showing of Food, Inc., but quite a few people braved the windy, Chicago weather to join us.  I had to brave that same weather earlier that morning when I headed out to buy popcorn and soda, since what’s a movie without popcorn and soda.  We also made a conscious effort to serve healthier snacks like apple juice and trail mix, but after watching the movie, that’s up for debate.

Food, Inc., for those of you that haven’t seen the movie, covers a wide variety of issues related to the food industry.  Topics such as: the environmental impact from production, the genetic engineering of seed, the expansive use of corn in our food as well as animal feed, worker issues, and the impact industrial food production has on our health.  The film was packed with information.  We took a break midway just to let our audience digest it some (no pun intended)  before continuing.  You can’t watch the movie without feeling inspired afterward to plant a bucket of tomatoes on your patio at the very least!  Doing so guarantees that they will be produced locally, organically, vine ripened and free of worker abuse.

Comments made after the movie:

“Organic farmers are inspiring – monopolies need to be fought.”
“I wasn’t aware of the persecution from companies against  farmers.”
“I didn’t know about the subsidization of crops making certain foods less expensive.”
“Unaware of the incredible power of the food industries.”
“I’ll be canning more foods and buying more organics.”
“My  mind is boggled by the use of corn in so many products.”
“I’ll be buying my food at farmers markets when possible.”
“I recommend shopping at more farmers markets and reading more labels.”
“It was an eye-opener!”

Sharon Rolek offers suggestions for change after movie.
Participants sharing thoughts while munching.
Serious discussion.

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