Upcycling at SETF

Members and neighbors joined in the creative fun on December 3rd at the SETF office.  Using glue and scissors, they fashioned Christmas decorations from old cards, plastic glasses, discarded Cd’s, milk cartons and other recycled items.  The creative juices were flowing!  It was fun to watch each person’s style develop as the evening wore on. The ladies were so engrossed in their projects, they didn’t want to bother taking a break to enjoy the refreshments.  And while there were no penalties for incomplete projects, Linda Cook stayed until the very last minute, determined to finish all of hers.  Everyone deserved an A+ for effort.

Trying to keep her fingers out of the glue!
              Neatness counts!
Measuring up the final project.
Everyone was so helpful.
Milk carton birdhouses.
Sharing ideas.