Holiday Cheer With Finkl Steel

On December 18th, Richard and Linda Cook and I were guests at Finkl Steel’s annual Christmas party. The party was held on the uppermost floor of what use to be an old plastics factory. The expansive room was bordered by lighted Christmas trees, lights twinkled from the rafters overhead and tables dotted the floor. There was even a snowy vignette of life-size snowmen flanked by mistletoe reindeer. It was a virtual wonderland.

The room was full of employees, guests and carolers from the nearby university ambling about. And while we enjoyed the vast selection of delicious food and the wonderful wine bar, we were none the less surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Al Underys of Finkl came to our rescue and was gracious enough to join us at our table spending a substantial amount of time explaining to the Cooks Finkl’s move to the Southside. Using his handheld technology, he was able to show our Indiana members the exact location of the new site. Al also took the opportunity to introduce us to a number of other Finkl employees.

We were having such a good time sharing in the holiday cheer that we regretted having to leave the party early in order to beat the traffic home. I’m especially sorry that I didn’t get to play bean bags – the competition looked mean.
Thanks Finkl Steel for having us as your guests. We look forward to working with you in 2010.

The carolers were lovely.

Linda Cook looks on as Al Underys pin points Finkl’s new location.

Posing for the camera.

Mr. and Mrs. Frosty were the judges of the beanbag competition.

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