Changes afoot

At our November meeting, the Board of Directors was informed that Mike would be stepping down as executive director. While it is true that this drastic change in leadership happens at an unfortunate time, the board wants to let everyone know that we are committed to making the appropriate changes to keep the Task Force both operational and productive in the near future. Here’s a list of some of the things we’re doing.

  • We’ve contacted our major supporters, informing them of the change in leadership structure. We have provided them with a strategic plan that addresses our goals for improving organizational governance, fiscal integrity, and ability to provide programming to the community.
  • We are reviewing the budget with the primary goal of keeping the office on 13300 S. Baltimore Ave. open! In our opinion, this is a very important space that has been underutilized in the recent past, and we plan on changing that.
  • We will hold elections at the January board meeting. After new leadership is selected, the board will be able to present more specific details about actions and acitivities for the 2010 year.

In closing, we want to insure our community and partners that we are working passionately, and working hard to bring about the improvements necessary to keep the Southeast Environmental Task Force an important partner in the effort to improve the quality of life of South Side residents through environmental education, pollution prevention, and open space management. We welcome your input during this transitional stage, and I encourage you to email us or contact the main office with your suggestions.

Thank you for reading.

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