Southeast Environmental Task Force

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King Jr.

What We Do

SETF is an environmental nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the southeast side and south suburbs of Chicago by promoting environmental education, pollution prevention, and sustainable development.

Who We Are

Olga Bautista

Executive Director

Gina Ramirez

Senior Advisor

Carlos Enriquez

Communications Director for CEJN

Rachel Patterson

Nature & Healing Coordinator

Amanda Perez

Office Manager

Oscar Sanchez

Community Planning Manager - At Large

Felicia Minley

Nature in Healing Coordinator

Yessenia Balcazar

Senior Resilient Community Manager

April Friendly

Director of Organizing
Nature and Healing Coordinator

Join us!

Keeping the southeast Chicagoland community in the best shape is no easy feat. We are always looking for people to help out in any way that they can! Please consider donating either time or money to help our cause, or possibly becoming a member!